Texas Estate Law Attorneys Website Design

Categories: Legal Website Design.

We decided to be less serious, and more fun with this web­design. After all, I mean your potential clients are dealing with enough serious­stuff already. So let them escape to your website, where you provide comfort when they need it most. A catchy slogan sets a tone that you are still serious about your work. It assures your potential clients that you work hard in order to make sure that you change their situation around. And the color palette of the website represents the classy work that you do. And where you practice is planted right on the homepage.

This design is unique and leaves clients open to their own interpretation. You aren’t manipulating them like most of the other lawyers websites are these days. It’s organized with clear cut information that your prospective clients can find useful. When they scroll down further, there is a clear description of who you are and what you do. And of course we’ve placed your contact information where it is impossible to miss.

This website is far from being uptight. But it’s not overly casual either. It’s reached a fine medium between the two which most people will find appealing. You have to remember, just because they are going through a serious and tough situation doesn’t mean that they need a lawyer whose all work and not personable. Get personal with this web­design and build relationships with your clients as they view your website!