Texas Criminal and Traffic Ticket Attorneys Website Design

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Legal Web Design

Today, we would like to present another mockup for a legal web site.  This time, our client is a group of Texas personal injury lawyers.

At this point in the design process, we have taken a client with an outdated site and redesigned their content based on modern standards.  One of the ways we did this was by using a stronger color scheme.  Since our clients deals predominantly with personal injury and criminal defense cases, the color scheme needs to represent the strength and tenacity that potential clients would be looking for in lawyers like these.  The reds and blacks in this mockup definitely achieve that goal.  The sharp contrast provides that level of strength needed while attracting the eyes of the visitors to the slogan, practice areas, and contact form.

The use of background patterns also add to the visual experience of this law firm website design.  It is common to use plain colors for the background that shows when the browser is wider than the content area, which works well in some circumstances, but in this design, the dark texture makes the web page look more powerful.  This subliminally builds trust amongst the viewers that this law firm can really come through for them, which in turn will create a higher rate of contact, leading to higher profits.

We are excited for the future launch of this attorney website, but in the meantime, please check out our previous attorney websites!