Texas Commercial litigation Attorneys Website Design

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Patent Law Firm Web Design

We are proud to present the next mockup of a law firm website for a Texas commercial litigation firm.

This attorney web design project is designed to visually enhance our clients appeal for people searching for legal help for patent litigation defense, trademark infringement, patent enforcement and monetization, and other services that this law firm offers.  This is primarily achieved through the strong visuals and color scheme.  The issues involved with patent litigation and trademark infringement require a high level of seriousness and mental acuity, which the blues and blacks portray very strongly.  The high resolution images also exude intelligence and sophistication.  The image with the orange key and light bulb icon stands out exceptionally well, making it seem to the viewer that this litigation firm stands out above the rest because of their wits.  All of these design elements create a sense of confidence in the site viewer that this law firm is very effective at doing their job.

Once the end user realizes that our client is exceptional in the listed practice areas, the gateway for initial contact is made easy by the well thought out layout.  The name, logo, and contact information of our client is all visually separated above the header images, and this allows the viewer to easily contact this firm with issues that these attorneys can help with.  This facilitation of conversions means a spike in business and profits for our client.

Stay tuned to see this finished law firm website soon, and in the meantime, check out our other attorney websites that have been launched!