Technology and Privacy Law Attorney Website Design

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Law Firm Web Design

Here at Law Promo, we are proud to release the mockup for our most recent project, an attorney website design for an Ohio technology and privacy lawyer.

This is another lawyer website where we agreed with our client that a simple design would go a long way by being intuitive for the end user. We kept the important contact information separated at the top, making sure that this call to action was very straightforward, and we also used the dark blue box in the bottom left to visually separate our client’s practice areas, such as technology and privacy law, intellectual property, and litigation.  This visual cue also helps potential clients find this attorney’s areas of expertise very quickly, ultimately helping our client increase conversions with the right people.

The color scheme of this attorney website design is predominantly black and navy blue, which is a common pairing for established corporations to use.  This aesthetic creates the feeling of credibility and maturity, increasing the chances that strangers will begin to trust our client’s skills before even making initial personal contact. The high resolution slideshow also adds to the level of professionalism, as it contains visually appealing images that symbolize knowledge and success.  This slideshow keeps this attorney website lively and modern while also adding sophistication to our client’s online presence.

We have seen a lot of success with simple, straightforward legal websites, and we expect this upcoming website to also yield great results for our client.  Stay tuned to see the finished project in the upcoming days, and in the meantime, check out more of our finished law firm websites!