Tax Credit Financed Transactions Law & Estate Planning Attorney Website Design

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Today Law Promo presents a new mockup for our Tax Credit Financed Transactions Law & Estate Planning attorney website design project.

Our newest client contacted us due to his leaving his old firm to start afresh. After finding us through a Google search for law firm website design, he gave us a ring and spoke with one of our sales representatives about the process of designing a lawyer website. He mentioned that he was completely new to this and just wanted some general information about website design. Our sales rep was happy to help and answered his questions. After a week or two of gathering quotes from competing lawyer website design companies, he decided we were the best and most customer-friendly option and signed on.

With a focus on estate planning and tax law, our client wanted an attorney web design that would appeal to his clientele. He wanted lighter colors and a website design that would work well with his logo. He visited our law firm web design portfolio and presented a list of the websites he liked. Our team studied the website designs provided, and came up with a design that they thought would appeal to the clientele our client wanted to attract.

The main feature in common with all the attorney web designs our client chose was the traditional layout of the website. So, our team decided to make use of the traditional layout and chose a color scheme of blue and white to match our client’s logo. The website is placed against a fading gray background that complements the color scheme. The top of the website features our client’s logo along with contact information right above a short main menu bar. The banner of the website features our client’s call to action: “We make the complex simple” against a photo loop depicting the type of law he practices. The main body of the website features buttons displaying our client’s practice areas to the left and the main page content to the right.

Just like our client’s catchphrase, our design team made a seemingly complex website simple. Simplicity is key and one of our priorities is to convey simplicity to any and all of our client’s website visitors. This law firm website design is currently in the mockup stage, so changes are expected to be made. If you’re interested in our most recent law firm website design projects, we invite you to view our recent projects at our LinkedIn Law Firm Website Design Showcase Page.