Takaoka IP Logo Design

Categories: Law Firm Logo Design.

As an international client, Takaoka IP was a unique challenge for us here at Law Promo. They required a logo that appealed to highly educated, forward-thinking clients all over the world and that would match the clean and sleek look of their existing website. Although they already had a logo that fit their look well, they were hoping to update their brand with a new, professional design. Law Promo made small changes to the logo, replacing the previous bland font with a more daring, angular one, and adding a blue square accent that upped the engagement of the entire design.

Law Firm Logo

Law Promo is experienced in logo design for legal professionals from all over the world and with every variety of practice area. If you do business outside of the U.S. and are looking for a logo that will attract U.S. clients as well as impress business people internationally, turn to Law Promo for affordable, professional logo design.