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Why Does Your Startup Law Firm Need a Website?

In the United States, about 80% of the population has internet access, and the internet is quickly becoming the top resource for potential clients looking for the right firm to handle their cases.  Having your contact information published in an online database may be helpful, but that is no longer enough to substantially increase business at your firm. A legal website that highlights your exceptional legal services is no longer an option. If you remain skeptical as to how a legal website can be an invaluable asset to your startup law firm and marketing, familiarize yourself with these compelling facts on the importance of having a firm website as well as an online presence in the lawyer community.

Websites are a Necessity
A 2008 study by Allurent illustrated that businesses lacking online information can lose up to 67% of their potential client base. Without an idea of the kind of legal services your law firm offers, a potential client will take their case to another firm.

People Look for Service on the Internet
A 2007 Safe Home Products survey study showed that  89% of Americans prefer to shop for services and products on the internet. Your startup law firm can capitalize on this fact by creating an internet presence in the online legal community; this includes not only a lawyer website, but also internet marketing techniques.

The Internet Provides Accessible Information
Awo Inc. found in a 2007 survey that only 17% of Americans believe that finding information on attorneys is easy when searching for an attorney to best represent their case. The majority of potential clients feel unguided when they need legal assistance. Your legal website will reach out to these potential clients and illustrate that your law firm has the concern and experience needed to handle their cases.