Start Up Law Firm Tips – Practice Areas Page

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One of the more important aspects of law firm website design is content presentation. You can have the most unique design, but if the content is presented in a sloppy or unappealing way the design will mean nothing. You want to invite your visitors to click around the website and read the information presented. While most content presentation is pretty standard, i.e. paragraph after paragraph, when it comes to the Practice Areas Page, content can be presented in a different way.

When it comes to presenting your practice areas page, you have three options:

Present as links
Present as a whole
Don’t present at all.

Your content presentation depends on your number of practice areas and the amount of content you have for each practice area. Depending on the two factors above, number of practice areas and content amount, one of the three options will better serve your website.

Presenting your practice areas as links is similar to the website below:

With this option, once visitors click on your practice areas tab, they will be taken to a different page listing your practice areas with links that take them to specific pages. These links can be stylized to highlight as a different color when hovered over or you can accompany the link with an image depicting your practice areas. This option is the most popular and is usually the default of many law firm website designs.

The second option favors minimal content description and practice areas. The appeal to the second option is having everything in one convenient location. Practice areas and content descriptions are differentiated by stylized color headings. Content is usually no more than a paragraph or two for each practice area.

Lastly, the third option opts out in creating a specific practice areas page. Instead, the practice areas are relegated to a drop-down menu that invites visitors to click on the specific practice area they want to find information for. This option is the second most popular of the three and is geared towards finding information fast. The drop down menu is typically stylized with different color highlights to make up for the missing practice areas page.

When it comes to presenting your practice areas, just remember to take into account the length of your content and the number of your practice areas. Content presentation and website design go hand in hand, so make sure you present your practice areas in a way that would appeal to your customers.