Start Up Law Firm Tips – Contact Page

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Since we began as a start-up, here at Law Promo, we’re all about helping solo practitioners and start-ups. We know how hard it is to get things going. We know the stress involved in starting your own business, which is why we’ve started writing these posts. We’ve already blogged about tips on making a great homepage, so today we’ll be blogging about tips on what to present on your contact page.

A contact page is pretty intimate. Think about it: your contact information will be presented to everyone online. While it may not seem like such a big deal to some, to those start ups and solo practitioners who work from home, they run the risk of giving out personal information such as cell number, phone number, and home address. While the above may not happen often, it does still happen and we’ve even had a few law firm web design clients placing personal information onto their contact page. It happens.

This is why the first thing to consider when going about the creation of a contact page is how much information you want to present to visitors. A general contact page is shown below:


When creating a contact page, what is your goal? What do you want the visitor to do? A contact form that potential clients fill out is a must since most people would be hesitant to pick up the phone and give you a call. Contact emails are risky. By placing your email on your contact page, you run the risk of marketers or spammers contacting you for employment opportunities. The same goes for phone numbers: you run the risk of getting calls from salesmen or telemarketers.

As you can see, a typical contact page includes the name and address of your business, a geographical map depicting your location, a contact email, phone number, and a contact form. Sometimes a picture of the office is present, but not necessary. Some attorneys and law firms opt out of placing email addresses and simply have their visitors contact them through the contact form.

Regardless of the information you post on your contact page, you will receive some form of contact by people you’d rather not have contact you. It’s the price to pay for placing information online. When creating your contact page, ask how much information is too much information. As we mentioned, it all depends on how much information you would like to share. Either way you run risks of getting contacted for subjects unrelated to your business.

Stayed tuned for more start up law firm tips!