Start up Law Firm Tips – Attorney Bio

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Today we feature another installment of our Start Up Law Firm Tips. We’ve already mentioned tips to a great Contact Page and Home Page, so today we’ll focus on your attorney bio page and how to go about writing one.

Your attorney bio page can be thought of as part blog post and part resume. Just like your home page introduces your services and your firm to the visitor, your bio page is essentially a meet and greet to your visitors. You introduce your credentials, a brief bio of yourself, and why they should consider hiring you as their lawyer.

Writing an attorney bio page is tricky. Generally, you want to keep the writing style similar to your website content to maintain consistency. Keep all writing in a single point of view instead of shifting between third person and first person. A shift in tone would be a little disorienting, so it’s advised to keep a conversational tone to give the illusion of directly speaking with visitors and clients.

Try not to clutter the biography with irrelevant information. Do not elaborate and focus on your social life, your interests, or the things you like. Limit any personal information to no more than two sentences at the end of the bio. Keep your biography between 3-4 in-depth paragraphs. Explain your educational upbringing and awards. Explain the reason you got into law. Explain the services you provide. Explain why they should hire you.

Some attorneys like to share a little about their personal lives and while that’s fine, it runs the risk of going off subject, which is why it’s usually best to limit any personal sharing to no more than two sentences. Your attorney bio page is a great way to market your services and it’s recommended that you invite your visitors to connect with you via social media on that page.

Don’t just post your resume on your bio page. Visitors want to know who they’re speaking to and who they’ll be working with. No matter how impressive your education or resume, it means nothing if you can’t briefly introduce yourself to potential clients.

Hopefully this helps! If you retain anything out of this blog post, it should be this: keep consistency, maintain a conversational tone, do not go off topic. Keep these things in mind and you’ll be a-okay when writing that attorney bio.