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Firm Overview: Founded on integrity, service and trust, Cinemusip was established in 2011 to be an advocate for those who seek to protect their interests in their creative work and/or labor. Be it a type of ownership interest, or merely compensation, Cinemusip will strive to ensure that its clients are awarded properly for their work, creativity and time. With its theme of “protecting what’s yours” and its philosophy of “do as much as can legally be done, efficiently and effectively”, Cinemusip strives to deliver first class legal service to its clients. And this is only made possible by one powerful duo: you, the cooperative client, and our Cinemusip attorneys, who have an eclectic background in entertainment, intellectual property and labor and employment.


Film, Television and New Media (includes but is not limited to)
General Legal and Litigation
Deal Structuring
Legal forms and agreements
Intellectual Property management
Litigation (civil and business)
Intellectual Property
Copyright (includes but is not limited to)
Personal Injury

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