Southern California Employment Law Attorneys Website Design

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Client: The firm is a professional law corporation which represents plaintiffs in individual overtime cases and overtime class action litigation. We also represent plaintiffs in other labor and employment issues in both State and Federal Courts in California.

Toward our goal of recovering wages and other compensation for workers, our firm has obtained settlements for thousands of employees throughout California for various labor claims. Types of compensation cases include:

• Overtime Back Wages
• Expense Reimbursements
• Unpaid Commissions
• Improper Wage Deductions
• Missed Lunch or Rest Breaks
• Labor Violations

If your employer has reclassified you from salaried to hourly, according to overtime labor laws you may be entitled to overtime going back four years.

Wages and overtime aren’t the only issues that today’s employees face in the workplace. Other common workplace problems include:

• Wrongful termination
• Sexual Harassment
• Age Discrimination
• Pregnancy Discrimination
• Disability Discrimination
• Breach of Contract
• Harassment
• Whistleblower

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