South Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer

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When you have to go up against criminal charges in Florida, you need the best possible safeguard against the threats to your freedom. An attorney who has gone through countless trials and amassed a great deal of courtroom time is the one who can help you. South Florida criminal defense lawyer Jason R. Siedman is the man you need.

You can’t beat the experience of a former Lead prosecutor from the very state you’re fighting charges in! This background in prosecution means that Mr. Seidman can review your case with you and discuss the potential outcomes. He personally deals with all misdemeanor and felony charges, and in doing so he is available to his clients at all hours. At some law firms you have to jump through hoops to reach an attorney. When you call Mr. Seidman, he is the one who picks up the phone.

Your average attorney may be familiar with Title XLVI of the Florida Statues, as it contains the information about each crime specific to the state. But Mr. Seidman is intimately familiar with every element of it, which allows him to correctly handle your case right from the start. He knows exactly what the state must prove for each crime. From Attempted Murder to minor traffic infractions, Mr. Seidman will work for either a plea agreement, reduction in charges, or a dismissal. Of course if it must go to court, there will certainly be an aggressive but professional defense.

Sometimes you need legal help at odd hours, and Mr. Seidman understands. That’s why he has made himself available to his clients at all hours on all days, including weekends and holidays. There is no reason to wait for the right time to deal with your legal troubles. The personalized representation you need from a South Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer is only a phone call away: 954-740-0502