South Florida Criminal Defense Attorney Website Design

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The weekend is over, so we thought we’d start this week by providing an update on our latest attorney website design project.

Our newest law firm website design client comes from South Florida with a practice in Criminal Defense. He contacted us after finding our services through Google and after speaking with one of our sales representatives, he thought we’d be a good match and we couldn’t agree more. For this particular law firm web design project, our client wanted a design that would appeal to his target market and establish a professional online appearance. He wanted his website to stand apart from the usual blue and black criminal defense firm websites. He provided a few attorney web design examples for our team to peruse and study.

After studying the different lawyer website designs that our client had sent us, our team decided it would be best to stick with the traditional layout, in order to get a sense of direction. The mockup featured above contains a header displaying our client’s logo and law firm name, along with the general contact information: address, phone number, and fax. Below the top portion of the website, our team added a full-width banner showcasing a panoramic view of Florida. Layered over the panoramic view is our client’s call to action: “Client focused. Results Driven.”. The main body of the lawyer web design is broken up into two parts: a left side bar and the main body of content. The left side bar features our client’s practice areas and the main body content features our client’s introduction to the page. Rather than the blue and black, our team decided to go a different route and chose a brown and white color scheme they felt would complement our client’s logo and the panoramic view.

As we mention with all our mockups, this isn’t intended to be the final result of the website design. This is just the first stage, so we’re all just working out the kinks and waiting for feedback. We always find that the longest stage of our design process is always the first stage since everyone is just trying to get the design down just right. Feedback is always key and once we receive feedback from our client, we’ll update this post accordingly. If you’re interested in our other start up law firm website designs, contact Law Promo today!