Solo Practice Website Roundup — April 2013

Categories: Law Promo News and Legal Website Design.

Investing in a website is always a complicated decision for solo practitioners. On the one hand, you’re tight on resources–as a one attorney firm, you’re managing every part of your business, from courtroom representation to marketing to client satisfaction. Do you have the time or money to spare for a website? Do you even have enough content to warrant a website?

In most cases, the answer proves to be yes. Internet marketing is more effective and cost-efficient than traditional marketing, and if you don’t have a website, you’re essentially ignoring the platform all together. A website is a great way to bring in new business and prove to interested parties that your business is legitimate.

In general, solo practitioner websites are usually short and sweet. They usually contain fewer than 10 pages and present information in a simple and straightforward way. However, as a solo practitioner it’s extremely important to differentiate yourself from the competition to bring new business in. Let’s take a look at our most recent solo practice launches, and how they establish themselves as unique in their competitive field.

C. Alex Naegele, A Professional Law Corporation

This practice is located in San Jose, California, and the attorney focuses on bankruptcy and business law. If you take a look at his website, he has a fairly standard solo practitioner website, with an attorney profile and a few representative cases to give potential clients an idea of his capabilities.

There are a few areas where he differentiates himself. The biggest standout on this website is the media that he provides on the very first page. For example, you can see an image of him practicing at court, giving visitors an idea of how this attorney conducts his business. Even more impressive is a Reuters article he’s written about cost sharing regulations, showing his involvement in the business community. His Representative Cases section is also very impressive, showing multiple successes in a variety of practice areas. Finally, in his Attorney Profile, he mentions his past experiences and in particular his fluency in several different languages, which should be useful in the San Jose area.

The Vargas Law Office

With two locations in Edinburg and Fort Worth, Texas, this law firm covers a range of practice areas, from family law and immigration law to criminal defense, personal injury, employment law and small business consulting.

Here, there are two features that help the attorney establish himself as the attorney to hire. First is a small detail, but the badges across the bottom of his home page shows that he is involved in a variety of legal groups, which means he’s keeping himself up to date on relevant information and in touch with experts in his field. However, most impressive is his practice areas content. He has a page dedicated to every practice area, and in these pages he offers useful information. For example, on the Immigration Law page, the very first paragraph is about a recent policy change by President Obama. Having new and helpful content like this is a great way to prove your interest in your client’s well-being.

Craig M. Gendler P.A.

This attorney has over 30 years of experience defending his clients from crimes, traffic offenses, DUI/DWI charges and representing them in personal injury cases. His office is located in Owings Mills, Maryland.

For this firm, the most emphasized quality of the firm is the attorney’s special attention to his client. Both on his home page and his About Me page, he specifically discusses that he will personally provide all services offered, and he also stresses the importance of a personal relationship with clients. Personal attention is one of the biggest strengths of solo practices, so it’s great that he focuses so much attention there. You can see he means what he says by looking at the Practice Areas pages, particularly on the DUI page, where he gives helpful facts that someone who is being charged with DUI might need.

We hope that these recent examples provide useful information for those interested in creating a solo practitioner website. If you like what you see in these examples, contact Law Promo to learn more about our solo practitioner specials.