Social Media for Your Start Up Law Firm

Categories: Startup Law Firm Websites.

You just started your law firm. You have a professional lawyer website design. You have a professional logo. You have your office. Now what? It’s time to market your law firm and reach your target audience with social media.In a previous post, we’ve mentioned the benefits of social media and social media practices. We’ve even written posts on certain social media outlets and practices everyone should practice. We invite you to read or re-read these posts in order to get a general knowledge of social media practices.

For any start-up law firm or business, social media presence is a must. Social media is a way to connect with your audience. Social media increases your brand’s awareness, your website traffic, your online visibility, and it gives you reason to speak directly to your audience. The top social media sites are as follows: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. For your start-up law firm, you should create pages and profiles for each outlet. Facebook is a great way to get your current friends talking and we advise you to create a page specifically for your business where you can share updates with friends and families.

With twitter, you’re able to reach a larger audience. Share updates and news of your practice with your audience and followers. It also gives you a chance to study your competition and their marketing practices. Once you find your niche, twitter will help you market your business and interact with potential clients.

Google is king of search engines, so it definitely helps to have a Google+ page to boost your SEO power. With your start-up law firm, be sure to create a Google+ profile and company page. Register your business with Google places and post frequently in order to amass a following. We have written a few posts regarding Google+ practices and the importance of Google+, so read up and educate yourself on Google!

Lastly, LinkedIn can be deemed as a Facebook for professionals. Like Facebook, create a company page and showcase page for your linkedin account. You can share company updates and showcase your recent projects in order to expand your business and professional network.

Regardless of how many social media accounts you own, it will mean nothing if you don’t update and post frequently. Communicate with your audience! It’s called social media for a reason. Join groups, begin discussions, reach out and comment. You have a voice. Use it.