Small to Mid-Size Law Firm Website Design

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Our strength is our ability to provide high quality yet affordable web design services to law offices ranging from small to mid-size law firms.

Whether you’re a boutique firm with a single specialty or a small firm that focuses on several areas, we have custom internet marketing solutions for you. Our award winning website designers will develop a unique website that features your strengths, or overhaul and optimize your current website so that it produces more results. Perhaps you are interested in a content management system that will enable you to update your website on the fly or a sleek looking flash animation for your home page – Law Promo offers custom solutions which are tailored to your law firm’s specific needs.

Law Promo caters to Small Law Firms

  • We Have Experience Working with Small Firms
  • We’ll Establish a Brand Identity for Your Law Firm
  • Award Winning Website Designs and Redesigns
  • Our SEO Services will Take Your Firm to the Top
  • Marketing Tools to Increase Your Firm’s Visibility
  • Start Competing with Larger Firms Today

Start Up Law Firms

Establishing a new law firm can be a hectic time. You and your new formed partners have crossed the rubicon and are prepared to venture into the competitive world of legal work. At the beginning, formulating a business strategy and establishing formal roles is difficult. Start-up firms have contracted New Law Firm Site benefited from our experience of engaging the legal community quickly and beneficially.