Should My Law Firm Have a Blog?

Categories: Law Firm Marketing.

Blogging is very popular amongst attorneys and law firms, hence the special term designated for legal blogs, “blawgs.” The reason law firms often have blogs to represent their attorneys is because blawgs can be a powerful way to market your legal services to your potential clients online as well as an effective tactic for boosting your website’s ranking in the search engines.

Because blogs are by nature constantly updated with fresh, relevant content, they can be a time consuming venture. That is why it is crucial that you weigh the resources you have available to put into your blog marketing efforts. So what are the benefits of having a legal blog and how do you know if it’s right for your law firm?

A legal blog or blawg can provide a space for you to demonstrate your expertise in your field through the written content that makes up the posts of your blog. Furthermore, you can share with your blog readers your law firm’s record in terms of clients you’ve gotten, cases you’ve taken on and which cases your firm has won. That helps dramatically with your website’s conversion rate as potential clients get a better first impression of your firm and the legal services you offer. Pumping out content regularly also helps to show the search engines that you are an active contributor in your field of expertise, which will help to boost your rankings in the results pages, bringing more free visitors to your website.