SEM – Why Lawyers should write their own content

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At Law Promo, we often get requests from our law firm web design clients regarding content writing. While we do provide content writing services, we always make it a point to encourage our clients to write their own content. In today’s blog post, we’ll be focusing on reasons why you should write your own content.

1) Stand out from the crowd!

One of the biggest advantages to writing your own content is the originality. It’s your voice and your words. It’s unsurprising that a number of attorneys hire content writers for their website copy. Sure, it may save time, but is the cost and risk of having that copy duplicated worth it? Not to mention, writing your own copy provides a personal touch that often goes a long way when potential customers visit your website.

2) Search Engines Are Personalized

Another reason to write your own content is because search engines nowadays have become highly personalized based on search history, age, usage, and location. One of the main advantages of hiring a content writer was for the promise of search engine optimization and keywords within the content. It was helpful for lawyers who have no knowledge of SEO practices. However, now that search is more personalized, there is no guarantee that your content or website will appear in front of your intended audience.

3) Content Quality

Content Quality is a big factor in search engine optimization. By writing your content, you’re able to assess the quality and write with a personal approach. Draw from your experience and talk to your visitors. Enable communication through text. Hiring a content writer always poses a problem when it comes to updating content: what if your voice doesn’t match the tone and voice of the content writer? It’d take away from the reading experience and quality of the content.

We understand the difficulty of writing and coming up with content, which is why we provide a content writing service. Still, we encourage our clients to write their own content for the benefits it provides. It’s your website, your vision, and it should be your words.