Seattle Personal Injury Law Firm Website Design

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Our latest law firm web design project is being created for our client in Seattle, a personal injury law firm with over 35 years of experience. Our client wanted their website design to be aesthetically invigorating while also remaining highly professional. At Law Promo, we always strive to give our clients what they are looking for, so after receiving the mock-up questionnaire, we analyzed the results and went to work. We always strive to adhere to the most current design standards, and our work on this website was no exception.

We are using a very modern design technique that uses a high resolution background photo that extends to the width of the browser. In this case, it is a beautiful landscape shot of the Seattle skyline at sunset. Many of the text areas have transparent backgrounds, allowing the viewer to see as much of this picture as possible, but there is still plenty of contrast, allowing this important written information to be very legible and catch the users’ attention.

Three of our client’s main practice areas – personal injury, car accidents, and motorcycle accidents – are prominently displayed above the main body of the page. They are above the fold, allowing users to see these calls to action without needing to scroll down the page. The navigation bar also extends the whole width of the browser, acting as a visual border that helps the client’s logotype and important contact information stand out, thus improving the clients branding and customer contact.

As with all of our web development projects, we have worked out the fine details until we are proud of what we have created. Design and style in the digital world is always evolving, so we always make an effort to keep our work modern and provide as much credibility as possible to prospective customers of our clients. This personal injury law firm website is still in production, so check back in the future to see if even more improvements have been made.

If you’re interested in a website design for your law firm, we invite you to look through our lawyer website design portfolio for ideas.