San Jose Immigration Law Firm Website is Launched

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Lawyer Website

Our most recent launch is a fully responsive site for San Jose based attorney Raul Ray. Visitors are greeted by a combination of blues on the landing page and throughout the site which is visually balanced and has a calming effect. The main navigation bar is a dark turquoise with accompanying white text and dropdown menus for “Client Service” & “Self Help” organize the extensive list of items and services Ray has made available for his current or future clients. Sitting beneath the navigation is a banner spanning the full width of the main content. The banner has a logo with the website name floated to the left and a photo of a passport atop an American flag. A semi transparent box that functions as a digital business card (with the attorneys name, tagline and multilingual ability) features a call-to-action, dialing the office number on a mobile device and opening up a default application on the desktop platform.

Areas of practice are displayed in a table, with each area of practice functioning as a button. Each section has the same clean visual appeal with a rectangular image and title above it. Hover effects have been applied to each section alerting the user that it is a clickable link. All the boxes link to respective pages where the visitor can obtain additional information about the topic. Overall, this section appears very uniform , instilling a sense of trust and reliability in the attorney.

A sidebar has numerous call-to-actions stacked vertically which encourage those in need of assistance to read up on the numerous document preparation and review services offered. The content throughout the site is organized carefully by applying a proper amount of padding to each element and framing imagery/text with highly visible bold borders. This is particularly important when considering the amouunt of infortation the site has to offer. Two badges of accredidation stand out at the bottom of the sidebar.

The footer has additional logos of affiliations, honors and associations Raul belongs to. A bright blue call-to-action advises users to get a free case evaluation. The address for the office along with social icons to facebook and Google + are highly visible. One particularly unique effect is a rectangular swatch of a map, that when hovered over produces a button to click, displaying a pop up that is styled to match the rest of the website, with a Google Map embedded in it. All the content and functionality thrives on a mobile device where the alternating sections of white and dark or light blue make the user experience fluid. A few pulls of the finger bring you to the footer while still placing emphasis on all the content above it.

Responsiveness Accessibility User Experience and Liberty are just a few of the themes present on this one that we feel represents the attorney adequatley.

The Law Offices of Raul Ray specializes in providing affordable naturalization and immigration services, offering honest case evaluations and bringing 20 years of experience to the table.