San Francisco Business Attorney Blog Design

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Are you looking to expand your website? Do you have more information you want to share with your clients and visitors? Attorney website designs are essential to selling your services and expertise online, but the content presented is generally unhelpful when it comes to visitors looking for something more specific. So, what can you do? Start a blog with Law Promo’s attorney blog design services!

We’ve always been vocal about the benefits of having a blog for your law firm web design. Not only is it great for search engines and internet marketing, but blogs also give you the option of communicating with your visitors and providing furhter information on specific topics they may be interested in, which is what our client above has done with his integrated blog design.Like our other designs, our team wanted to create the illusion of fluidity by making the design complement the attorney website. For this blog, we placed all contact information at the banner atop the blog. The menu is displayed underneath the banner and allows visitors to click on links to the firm website, the attorney profile, and contact page. To the right of the blog we’ve added a recent posts sections, a search bar, categories, and a calendar in an effort to help visitors find the information they’re interested in researching.

Our client’s San Francisco Business Attorney blog focuses on all aspects of business and corporate law. It was built using WordPress as the primary CMS. Posts are published in a ladder format: the most recent post is featured at the very top. The footer at the bottom of the blog lists a disclaimer positing that the blog is not meant to be used, intended for, or construed as legal advice.

The Law Office ofAntonio P Garcia is located in San Francisco. Their legal blog topic covers business law and commercial litigation. They provide cost-effective legal services to private individuals, small businesses, and medium-sized companies in commercial litigation, real property, and general business matters. To learn more about this attorney web design and blog, we invite you to click the following link: The Law Office of Antonio P. Garcia, Jr.