San Diego Internet Defamation Defense Lawyer

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Individuals and businesses increasingly rely on the internet to obtain information for matters effecting their everyday lives. If you have been wrongly accused of defamation resulting from a blog post, social media post, forum comment, customer review or web site, you may need a lawyer who specializes in internet defamation matters understands what it will take and what it will cost to defend your case.

At the Law Office of Ryan T. Darby, we represent individuals and businesses who have been accused of making defamatory statements and have been threatened with litigation or have already been sued as a result of things they have said, written, or communicated in some other way.

Although cases involving defamation over the internet have many similarities to cases involving defamation in other mediums, the internet presents a host of unique. There are a number of legal defenses to a claim of defamation and state of California has anti-SLAPP statutes which provide leverage against bogus claims of defamation.

Internet Defamation cases can be challenging to prove and involve overcoming legal defenses which make it necessary to have an experienced advocate on your side. Successfully litigating internet defamation cases requires both a knowledge of the law of internet defamation, as well as an understanding of how the internet works as a communication medium.