San Diego, California Family Law Attorney Website Design

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About the firm: This law firm is located in San Diego and specializes in family law for individuals all over the Southern California area. They offer legals services for those beginning the divorce process and need an experienced hand to guide their way, as well as to individuals who have been suffering through a lengthy separation and are ready to bring in a knowledgeable professional. They pride themselves on compassionate, strong and effective legal representation in and out of the courtroom.

Crutch Law Firm


Family Law
Divorce Mediation
Family Court Services (FCS) Preparation
Court Appearance/Limited Scope Representation

Whenever we at Law Promo design a family law firm website, we keep two things in mind: first, that the legal services involved pertain to very personal and intimate subjects, and second, that the law firm, regardless of the emotions involved, needs to present itself as professional and successful. With the clean, simple web design shown here, we feel we succeeded at showing both the tender side of family law, as well as the business side necessary to support it.