San Diego Business Law Responsive Website Design

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Did you know how much colors impact your psyche? Well we do. That’s why we came up with this black and gold design because we know the psychology behind colors. Black portrays mysteriousness. We wanted to portray a sense of mysteriousness because mysteriousness provokes curiosity.

This web­ design is highly recommended for personal injury lawyers. Not only does it have a clear message of motivation and hard work, it is also visually well­balanced allowing your prospective clients to feel a sense of balance in a time of chaos.

This gives a feeling of empowerment to the potential clients who are viewing your website. The slogan “One Firm One Vision” stands out from the background image consisting of mostly dark tones giving the slogan depth visually to follow its depth verbally.

The line “We Are Successful in Over 95% of Our Cases” portrays your confidence of your work without going overboard giving your clients assurance of your work ethics. Viewers are more drawn to trusting numbers because numbers are our brains associate numbers with logic. With the number that is more realistic like 95 instead of 99.9 percent, the viewers are inclined to trust you more. Win clients with this SEO-­friendly web­design.