San Bernardino, California Criminal Defense Attorney Website Design

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About: It is imperative that you fully research your options and discuss your situation with an attorney that can explain your rights, inform you of the process, and provide you with the best defense and service available. It is also vital that every potential client get to know their attorney and develop a relationship built on honesty, compassion, and mutual respect. I believe in a one-on-one attorney-client approach to criminal defense. I trust and rely on you and you trust and rely on me. We get through a case together.

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Criminal Defense

The design elements of this San Bernardino law firm website is visually appealing and practical. The sidebar attorney photo inspires his ideal clients to inquire and schedule a consultation with the firm while his Avvo rating badge gives a good first impression. The website captures and engages attention with the yellow accent color in the header.

I vigorously advocate my client’s position and use every tool available to help my clients prevail.  I am honored that my clients have allowed me to guide them through this very difficult time in their lives. Click the link to view our Law Firm Website Portfolio – Attorney Web Designs.