Rutherford, New Jersey Employment Law & Litigation Attorneys Website Design

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There has always been a number of client requests for our traditional attorney website design style. Most of our new clients have contacted us in hopes for a new design or even redesign of their current website to feature our clean and classic website designs. After all, you can’t beat the classics! Our most recent lawyer website design project features our traditional style for our new Rutherford, New Jersey Employment Law & litigation Attorney client.

Like all our attorney web design projects, we started off in the mockup phase. Our client wanted a clean cut design that would present their firm as experts in their respected fields of law. They also wanted a law firm web design that would “pop”.

After hearing their requests, we incorporated our traditional layout for the website. The top features our client’s logo along with the firm name and contact information. Our team went with a metallic gray color scheme with clever usage of shadows to attain that “pop” element our clients wanted for their attorney website design.  To further incorporate “pop”, we added a graphic in the middle of the website along with a transparent shadow that would list our client’s qualities and strengths when it came to practicing law. The main content is placed on a light background with black text. To the left we listed a set of their practice areas along with matching images to draw visitor attention. Content titles are featured in white font and gray background.

Like all of our lawyer website designs, we’re happy with the result. We always make sure to give each design careful attention. Of course, this is just the mockup stage and changes will most likely be made.

We invite you to keep up with this project as we will update our blog in regards to each design change. For more information on our attorney website design services, we invite you to read our blog and visit our website!