Reynoldsburg, Ohio Business Law Attorneys Website Design

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Legal Web design

In today’s blog post, we present to you our latest lawyer website design mockup feature for our Reynoldsburg, Ohio Business Law client. Our client had a general knowledge of what he liked and what he was looking for in a lawyer website design. Here at Law Promo, we always encourage our clients not to be afraid to reach out if they don’t have a clear vision for their website. As long as you have an idea of what you like and what you don’t like, leave it up to us to create your website.

Since our client did not have a clear vision of what he wanted in his lawyer website design, our team decided to draw on past projects for inspiration in creating a business-law oriented website. Our team decided on a color scheme of blue and gray to represent the business law aspect of the website. By adding different hues of blue, our team created a professional and friendly atmosphere for our client’s lawyer website design. The layout of the website is broken up into three different sections: the top section features an easy-to-navigate menu bar. The centerpiece of the website features a photo loop based on our client’s practice area and a call to action: “Prompt, Efficient and sensible legal counsel”. The bottom of the layout features a practice areas list to the left and a brief introduction to the firm and their services on the right. While this may not be our client’s vision, it’s a great place to start and establish the framework of what will one day be his actual lawyer website design.

If you’re interested in a law firm website design but don’t have a clear idea, don’t be afraid to contact us! Check out our portfolio for inspiration or reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help.