Responsive Website Design for Real Estate Attorney

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Legal Web Design

Law Promo is happy to present our latest fully responsive attorney web design is for a law office focusing on real estate and business law. Follow the link to learn more about this website that displays wonderfully on phones, tablets and computers. Our client is an established legal practitioner specializing in several areas of law, including business and commercial, real estate, estate planning and personal matters. Law Promo’s talented design team sought to convey a mix of corporate and small firm to convey the client’s close attention to his clients while maintaining a professional air.

The website gives a very modern impression and uses a flat, minimal design. The color scheme consists of four colors, dark blue, black, white and red, that function well together and bring focus to different areas appropriately. Note the typography flows with the page, beginning with a sans-serif font set in large sizes, making the landing page visually appealing, before transitioning into a serif font for the more informative, business focused sections. The name and contact information are clearly visible at the top of the page for clear and easy access for potential clients.

An appealing image is overlaid with large text indicating the client’s experience and professionalism, followed by services provided. Below that is a personalized bio of the client’s service in the legal field, with further visuals highlighting different practice areas. The bottom of the page contains a nice summary of services, more detailed information on the client, and complete contact details, including a map for quick visual reference.

The footer contains the contact information and social media buttons, and brings back the same deep blue color seen at the top of the page.