Responsive Website Design For Criminal Defense Attorneys

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 Website Design For Crimindal Defense

Law Promo’s latest responsive attorney website design is for a criminal defense attorney client. Our team has been pushing for responsive designs due to Google’s upcoming change starting April 21st when a website’s mobile-friendliness will have an impact on search engine rankings. Learn more about the design as we detail our process below. As we’ve mentioned in a previous blog post, our team has been toying around with different styles and trends to come up with even more appealing law firm web designs for our clients. Like our more recent projects, we wanted to focus on visuals and call to actions for this website. When it comes to viewing websites, people have a short attention span. They want immediate gratification. They don’t want to be met with long form text. They want information and they want it now.

The first thing you’ll notice from this law firm website design is the size of the banner and logo. The banner is twice the size of our usual banners and the logo is designed to attract attention. The color scheme of this website differs from the usual dark colors associated with criminal defense law. Instead, we chose to focus on a gold color scheme to give a more hopeful and positive impression for the intended audience of this website.

The photo loop displays different high resolution images focused on criminal defense and we’ve added a call to action within the banner and button for immediate access to the contact form. The background of this website is a slightly blurred photo of city lights which we feel matches the website and it’s color scheme.

Below the photo loop, the content is divided in two: practice areas to the left and short-form homepage content on the right. Below the content, we’ve added a contact form and another call to action. The footer of this website features our clients office information, practice areas, and social media profiles.

Since this attorney website design is responsive, if viewed on a mobile phone, the website transforms into a scrolling format and drop down menu. The mobile responsive version of this website eschews the city light background in favor of a complementing color scheme that’s easy on the eyes.

You can expect more new and exciting responsive websites by following our blog!