Responsive Website Design for Criminal Law Attorneys

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Legal Web Design

Our latest attorney website design focuses on providing a responsive web design experience for criminal law attorneys and their intended audience. Click the link below to read more about the features of this new website.The first thing visitors will notice about this design is the color scheme choice. Our design team decided against using the usual colors associated with criminal law and chose a mixture of gold and maroon. Criminal law is usually associated with black and blue, the color of most law enforcement. By choosing gold and maroon, our design team hopes to convey the more studious side of criminal law.

The website sports a sticky menu to allow visitors to quickly find the information they’re searching for. The header below features a call to action along with high resolution stock photos relevant to criminal law in order to spur engagement. When viewed on a mobile device, the header shrinks and the menu becomes a drop down that when pressed provides a tidy list of options. For a decorative flourish, our team has added small photographic icons for each practice areas.

The website is designed to be full-width as we feel it’d be beneficial to the responsive version of the website. The content layout is divided into three: practice areas and information to left, short-form content in the center, and contact box on the right. When this website is viewed on a mobile device, the layout will transform into a scrolling format and each column will stack atop one another.

Like some of our other website designs, the beauty of this law firm web design is within each little detail carefully thought out and executed by our talented design team.