Responsive Website Design for Civil Litigation Attorney

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We hope you’ve all remembered to set your clocks an hour forward! We might be losing sleep, but here at Law Promo we’re still churning out new attorney web designs for our clients. For more information on our latest design featured, click the link and read about our process below.

Designing an attorney website, or any other website for that matter, is like putting together a puzzle: we’re given bits and pieces and our job as a law firm web design company is to put together those pieces. Our goal is to entice your website visitors and create a design that will showcase your professional expertise. For the design featured above, our team decided upon a corporate theme that would appeal to our client’s target market.

In order to enhance the corporate theme, our team used a color scheme of gray, teal, and white and outfitted the attorney web design with high resolution images that display different photos of offices and business life. The first thing you’ll notice about this design is the clean interface. Our team wanted to put an emphasis on smaller details like margins and padding and focus on simplicity.

As a result, the banner simply displays the firm name and contact information. We’ve carefully places call to actions throughout the law firm web design in places we know that will grab visitor attention. The fist call to action we’ve included is within the photo loop. We’ve also added a button that would link to a case results page for curious visitors. The other call to action is situated above the main content in bold font.

This website design favors short form content in an effort on our designer’s part to drive more engagement with the website visitors. The left hand portion displays a list of our client’s practice areas and a relevant image, while the right hand portion displays the main content. Beneath the content, we’ve added a contact form for visitor’s to request more information on their case.

You can find out more information on law firm web design by following our blog.