Responsive Website Design For Car Accident Lawyer

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Law Promo proudly unveils the newest responsive attorney website design for our car accident lawyer client. 

Unlike our previous law firm website designs, our design team wanted to focus and put more of an emphasis on simplicity and calls to action for this website. The idea behind this design was to generate visitor engagement and drive conversion through the design and content presentation. Our team decided to utilize a contrasting color combination of red, white, and black and use varying degrees of all three colors in order to hold visitor engagement. A bold Arial font was used to boost the aesthetic of the attorney web design and provide easy reading for all visitors.

The first thing you’ll notice about this law firm web design is the call to action right in the middle of the website: “Car Accident? We Are on your side!” We’ve placed different high resolution images of damaged vehicles and car accidents in order to drive the point of the call to action. Beneath the photo loop, we’ve added a banner with three buttons focusing on certain pages of the website: Auto accident, Truck Accident, and Personal Injury.

Unlike our previous designs which placed an emphasis on short form content, this attorney web design invites long-form content. Car accidents are tricky and most people who’ve been in a car accident will have lots of questions they want answered. To the right of the main content, we’ve added a contact form for more specialized cases. Like our previous designs, we’ve focused on refining smaller details of the site in favor of sharpening the design.

For more information on our different law firm web designs, we invite you to check out our attorney web design portfolio which features our latest projects and website launches. Just click on the link above to view our portfolio.