Responsive Website Design for Bankruptcy Litigation Lawyers

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Law Promo’s latest attorney web design is aimed at providing Litigation attorneys with an affordable, professional website. Learn more about the design features by reading after the break. The theme for this design was based off of corporate and business preferences. We wanted to create a website that would appeal to both clients and their visitors. Clients want to look professional and modern and visitors want to be reassured that they’re contacting someone they can trust. With this in mind, our design team set to work and decided upon a dark color scheme with an integrated logo blending within the background.

The banner of this website is superimposed into the dark background and displays both the menu and firm name. Visitors will immediately notice the call to action strategically placed at the middle of the header against a faded high resolution image. Each image within this attorney website design focuses on “getting things done” which highlights the call to action.

They layout of this website is a three column content presentation which highlights the main practice areas within tiles and provides relevant images, a brief description, and short summary of each practice with a link providing more information if desired. This layout is meant to focus and emphasize short form content in hopes of pushing a sense of urgency onto visitors. Unlike our previous law firm web designs, this design does not include a separate section for content. Rather, the content will be featured in those three columns as snippets.