Probate and Business Law Attorneys Website Design

Categories: Current Project Showcase.

Law Promo is currently working with a firm on their new Probate and Business Law Website Design.

This stylish site is fully-responsive and designed mobile-first – looking great on devices of all sizes. The crisp imagery in the hero image slider on the website immediately draws in the website visitor and gives the user a sense of the practice areas the firm specializes in. Up top in the header, the firm’s crisp logo stands out front and center, along with the pertinent contact information.

Further along, the firm description gives a thorough description of the firm and their services, along with the principal practice areas in the bright red sidebar. The consistent use of black, red and white colors creates balance and symmetry within the design. The fonts chosen are easy to read and look great against the predominantly white background color.

Further into the website, the same design and layout principles are reiterated and this creates a nice cohesion within the site that makes the user experience pleasant for the website visitor.