Phoenix, Arizona Tax and Estate Planning Attorneys Website Design

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About: This law firm focuses on tax and finances-related law, including bankruptcy, estate planning, powers of attorney, limited liability companies, and essentially any law related to taxes. The attorney was formerly a Revenue Agent with the IRS, so has extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of the industry. He considers his law firm a complete solution for his clients needs.

Legal Websites Design

Practice Areas:

Estate Planning
Asset Protection
IRS & State Tax Controversies
Consumer Bankruptcy
Garnishment-Tax Garnishments
Business Successions
Corporate Governance
Formation & Business Planning
Joint Ventures
Limited Liability Companies
Non-Profit & Tax-Exempt Organizations
Living Wills
Powers of Attorney and Appointment
Bankruptcy Litigation
Tax Litigation
Corporate Taxation
Estate & Gift Taxation
Excise Taxes
Income Taxation
International Taxation
Payroll Taxes

Law Promo customizes every legal web design to best fit the needs of every individual client. In this first mockup of the web design, we presented a deep navy blue theme with accents of white and light yellow to present a professional, serious front to visitors. This attorney will be dealing with professionals and people who are interested in their finances, and we felt a solemn and sturdy tone would be the best to attract potential clients.