Philadelphia, Insurance Law Attorneys Website Design

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Law Firm Web Development

We proudly feature today’s lawyer website design mockup for our Philadelphia Insurance Law Client. Our client reached out to us wanting to create a modern lawyer web design that would go along with their law firm logo and present a coporate/breaking news feel that would display their expertise and professionalism in the area of Insurance Law. With numerous offices around the world, our client’s also wanted a lawyer web design that would display the offices and cities in which they’ve worked. We’ve created hundreds of lawyer web designs for clients practicing insurance law, so our design team drew on past experience to create an original law firm website design.

This lawyer website design mockup displays an elegant layout designed to accentuate the photography that shows the different cities and offices of our client. The information is laid out in a way that provides easy access for the website visitors. Each office is presented in the photo loop as well as the banner of the website. In choosing a corporate theme, our team decided on a color scheme similar to the firm’s logo: red, black, gray, and white. This color scheme focuses on professionalism and integrity; two qualities our client’s services value. The primary practice areas of our client are displayed prominently to the left of the lawyer website design and the right of the design displays a brief introduction of the firm and its practices.

Things can always be better! Since this is the mockup stage, changes are expected to be made to this lawyer web design. We look forward to the final law firm website design when that time comes. If you are interested in our lawyer website design services, contact Law Promo today!