Personal Injury Lawyers in Houston, Texas

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Houston, Texas Personal Injury Law Firm, Padilla & Rodriguez, L.L.P has have over 35 years of combined attorney experience and are skilled legal representatives for families and individuals who have suffered from a personal injury due to someone else’s carelessness and negligence. Our personal injury cases are based on a contingent fee and we will only charge for what we are able to recover for you. Our firm and its attorneys has had success in recoveries for some of the biggest corporations and businesses in the world ranging from railroads, pharmaceutical companies, to hospitals.

In Texas, if you are the surviving family of the victim who has been involved in a automobile accident, drowning, product defects, or structure collapses, you can have the right to a wrongful-death case. A wrongful death case results in the death due to negligence or other dangerous conditions. However, there are some restrictions as to who can file for a wrongful death case. For instance, a sibling is not able to bring a case for the death of their sibling if it occurred while they were there. If you want to find out if you have a wrongful death claim, contact Houston Texas personal injury lawyer today.

Workplace hazard Texas attorney can represent your case if you have been injured on the job due to unsafe work environments. An employer is obligated to maintain the safety of a workplace for their workers and should also provide the proper training, proper equipment, proper supervision as well as policies to ensure all safety is understood. Workplace injuries may include fall injuries, burns, amputations, paralysis and even death. Contact Padilla & Rodriguez, LLP if you are in need of a personal injury lawyer and have them represent you in a workplace hazard case today!