Personal Injury Law Attorney Responsive Website Design

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Law Firm Web Design 2

February’s been a busy month for our design team as we continue to crank out more and more attorney website designs for our clients. The mockup featured above is one of our newer projects: a responsive attorney web design for our personal injury attorney client.

Since our client focused their practice on personal injury law, our team decided to choose a color scheme that would reflect the pain visitor’s feel and through that pain, generate a sense of trust and confidence towards our client. So, with that in mind our team decided on a color scheme of burgundy and black.

The first thing you’ll notice from this mockup design is the logo which is featured prominently at the top left side within the banner. The logo is displayed in white against a burgundy strip. The contrast alone is enough to draw visitor’s eyes upon viewing the website. To the right of the logo, we’ve added the main menu bar and implemented equal spacing to accommodate drop down menus.

The banner of the website features our client’s short and descriptive call to action in gold font against a burgundy background. To the right of the call to action, we’ve placed high resolution photo images within the photo loop featuring a theme of justice. Our client’s main specialties are presented in dark red buttons against a burgundy background underneath the header. Content is displayed underneath the buttons. The main content is displayed on the left against a white background and a contact form for instant communication is placed on the right against a light gray background.

Our team wanted to create an attorney website design that wouldn’t be as flashy as most personal injury law websites. Their goal was to create a more subtle style focusing on smaller details, colors, and spacing with a strong representation of content. This design is subjected to our client’s feedback, but until then, we feel we’ve taken a good first step.