Pennsylvania Family Law and DUI Attorney Website Design

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PA Law Firm Web Design

Law Promo welcomes March with the new attorney website design mockup for our Family law & DUI  attorney client. In this new mockup, our design team is continuing to experiment new layout styles and content presentation options. Being an attorney web design company, we feel it’s best to continue to create new styles that will make for a more comfortable and friendly browsing experience. Check out our latest design below.

For this new law firm web design, our team wanted to focus on our client’s call to action and base a design layout and theme around it: “Making the complex simple.” The first thing you’ll notice about this current layout is the fact that there are a lot of empty spaces. The reason for this is twofold: 1) it allows visitors to focus primarily on the content presented within the website and 2) Empty spaces allow for visitors to rest their eyes. It provides a nice break that allows visitors to fully appreciate the simplicity of the law firm website design.

In choosing the color scheme for the website, our team decided against the usual colors associated with family law and DUI. Rather, we decided to go with a bold color and a more subdued color and play on the contrast to create an engaging website. Our hope is that visitors will be instantly taken by the unique color scheme and appealing font.

The layout of the website is simple and friendly. Visitors are greeted with a banner that lists the firm’s name and contact information. The main menu sits underneath the banner. The header features high quality images and the firm’s brief mission statement. Underneath the header we’ve placed a large banner featuring buttons to certain pages of the website. This allows for visitors to immediately pick and choose the information they’re looking to research and drives engagement by providing convenience. The firm’s content is divided in two: main content on the left and a contact form on the right.

Overall, we feel this is a great first step with our client’s attorney website design mockup. Once this mockup is reviewed by our client, we’ll provide an update on any changes made to the mockup through our attorney web design blog.