Patent Strategy and IP Consulting Attorneys Website Design

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Patent  attorney

Law Promo’s latest law firm web design project takes a new direction and style to convey our Patent Strategy and IP Consulting attorney client’s expertise and creativity.

When it comes to law firm website design for intellectual property firms, you can always count on a different and more creative website design rather than the standard traditional format of other attorney websites. When our client contacted Law Promo, he told us he wanted his website to stand out against his competition. He wanted a design that would convey both professionalism and creativity. He wanted his attorney website design to give his clients confidence in choosing him over his competitors. He viewed our attorney web design portfolio and while he respected and approved of many designs, he felt they weren’t right for his firm and asked us whether we’d be able to create a unique website unlike the ones in our portfolio.

Our design team was ready and willing to take on the challenge! Our client had specific elements and features he wanted to implement. He had a vision for his lawyer website design and it was our design team’s job to make it happen. Communication and feedback was key and the completed first round mockup is shown above.

This particular law firm web design was inspired by a blueprint theme. In order to achieve that blueprint theme, our team added tables and lines separating each page item. Our team wanted to create an intuitive website design that was both user-friendly and pleasing to the eye. Aesthetics was important and our team didn’t want to make a cluttered website. The website design featured above is minimalist with few colors other than our client’s logo and the background highlights when each main menu item is hovered over. The design doesn’t feature our usual photo-loop, rather it displays a number of vector images portraying each menu item. A large graphic icon of an idea light bulb is placed at the center of the website paired along with our client’s content to the right. At the bottom of the page, our team placed a brief copyright note along with links to the disclaimer and sitemap. Social media icons match the website’s gray tone and clean style.

Overall, this law firm web design is very different from our usual designs. We’re happy with the outcome, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s done. This is the mockup stage and we expect this design to be a little more refined. Feedback is key and we’ll update you on the next round of changes. Until then, if you’re interested in a lawyer website like the one above, we invite you to look through our attorney website design portfolio.