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A strategically planned online marketing campaign for your law firm starts with sound site design. That means that your web designer builds your lawyer site from the ground up with your search marketing goals in mind from the get go. After all, for your potential clients to be able to see your website and be impressed enough with your attorney qualifications to hire you for your legal services, they must first be able to find you in the search engines. And your web design has a lot to do with your search engine optimization.

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Law Firm Website Pay Per Click Advertising

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Does my law firm need Pay Per Click Advertising?

Managing your online marketing budget as an attorney or law firm can be a challenge. Unlike search engine optimization marketing, PPC ads appear on the front page of search engine results when the campaign begins. Law firms see results instantly with this form of marketing whereas search engine optimization requires a longer period of time. Legal Marketing Services recommends clients use internet marketing tools in tandem because the PPC ads will generate initial traffic to the webpage. The surge in visitors will raise the website’s search engine ranking complementing the SEO campaign’s free, but more deliberate tactics.

Pay Per Click Advertising advertises a client’s website at the top of search engine results. In the past, owner of the law firm’s website typically selects keywords that determines the search engine results where the advertisements will appear. The legal professional only pays when a potential client clicks on the ad, which where the marketing application’s name came from.

Google, Yahoo and Bing not only facilitate the most Pay Per Click Advertising campaigns, they also host the most web traffic. The search engine specialists at Legal Marketing Services managed their first PPC campaigns in 2000. The team has grown with the industry and live up to their professional reputation at each opportunity.

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Law Offices of Travis C. Logue

Law Promo is pleased to announce the launch of Travis C Logue’s new website. Travis C. Logue is a sole practitioner who practices real estate and business law in Santa Barbara, California and specializes in crafting tailor-made legal solutions for each particular client he takes on. In addition to designing the new website, Law Promo also provides Travis Logue with a hosting and maintenance package.

Law Promo Grows with Our Clients. Join Our Family.

We are continuously introducing new features to clients’ marketing plans to make them more successful. We monitor and update our services to ensure our clients stay ahead of the competition. When you partner with Law Promo, you get a team that loves innovation. We utilize current technologies and concepts so your website is sure to be powered by the latest and most efficient services available.

As a client, you retain full control of your brand and message. Our job is to help customize your web design to best represent you and your firm. Take a look below to discover more information about Law Promo and what makes us the we superior choice for lawyers and law firms.

At Law Promo, our talented design team has many years of industry experience and know-how, enabling them to apply the most effective design techniques and create a client-generating tool for your business. We will use our knowledge and expertise to work with you to create a website that is right for your firm. Our web design experts have cutting-edge skills in design and technology, including the best ways to increase search engine optimization. Expect the finished product to be an original, creative design that allows you to stand out from competition.

Contact us today to get started on creating a website that perfectly represents your firm. Our website will focus on your specialty, so that clients are able to quickly reach you. If your firm has many different practice areas, we’ll work with you to create a website that highlights each of your strengths. We also offer a complimentary year of website hosting and maintenance, making it easy to keep your website up to date. Click the link to view our Law Firm Website Design Services.

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The Law Offices of Julia Sylva

Law Promo proudly announces the launch of the newly designed website for The Law Offices of Julia Sylva, a Los Angeles, California business and real estate law firm specializing in public finance, public law, redevelopment and real estate. Law Promo was able to provide hosting for the new site as well as logo design work for the firm.

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Designing Websites for Start-Up Law Firms

Designing web pages for start-up law firms is our specialty. Establishing a new practice requires much time and effort. Law Promo has experience building web sites and marketing new attorneys and legal services through the internet. Hiring us to build and maintain a high quality website reduces the workload of your staff and ensures a professional quality product to match competing law firms. A professional design team like ours create navigable web site which attract potential clients, raise profits and free your staff to research cases or prepare for court.

Formulate Branding for Legal Services

Design Clean, Professional, and Unique Websites For Each Attorney

Utilize SEO Marketing to Contact New Clientele

Organize Internet Marketing Campaigns

Our experienced law firm website design, in combination with SEO services, makes us the perfect legal services digital marketing company for start-up law firms.

Designing and Marketing Websites for Lawyers and Law Firms

Creating a webpage is an effective way for new clients to discover a start-up legal services company.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution – Mediation

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Small business owners are constantly evaluating new ways in which to control costs, reduce overhead, and increase profits. Unfortunately, disputes are an inevitable consequence of operating a business and sometimes this results in costly litigation. However, given the fact that roughly 95% of all lawsuits eventually settle, it is important to consider your cost-saving alternatives before rushing to the courthouse.

Alternative Dispute Resolution generally refers to either Arbitration or Mediation. Arbitration is generally the more formal of the two and is usually associated with a binding ruling. On the other hand, Mediation is usually non-binding and much less formal, often held in a conference room setting. This discussion will focus on the process of Mediation.

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Online Lawyer Video Marketing

web_lp assists law firms with their internet legal marketing strategy by creating many successful national and local TV/Radio and business print media opportunities for our clients. This new, interactive and OnDemand network is an easy to use interface designed for the legal realm. We work very closely with a PR firm that deals exclusively within the legal field and deals with all of the major newspapers and broadcasters who are constantly looking for new stories.

Online videos combine the sensory attraction of television advertisements with interactivity of the world wide web. Videos hosting costs vary per site, but are by and large affordable. Some of our clients take advantage of YouTube’s free hosting service by uploading the video to their server and embedding it on their own website. Legal Marketing Services search engine optimization team guides our clients through the keyword selection process for their YouTube videos to enhance their visibility. The team also markets the video through our network of legal blogs and connections with public relations firms.

Our content writing team collaborates with the search engine optimizers in other ways as well. Any content written for our client’s web pages undergoes an additional revisions process which evaluates the placement, density and pertinence of keywords. Major search engines design programs called web crawlers which analyze the source code on each website to determine its spot in search engine results.

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Law Promo Will Transform Your Law Firm Web Presence.

Are you experiencing a web traffic drought? If so, can you easily shift through the information and figure out why? Are potential customers missing your site? Perhaps your webpage is not easy navigable because pertinent information is buried and hard for your visitors to obtain? When was the last time you updated your content?

Let us help you.
Another one of our specialties is updating aging websites or no rebooting sites that no longer produce the results your law firm needs. Unless your site is on the front page in search rankings and regularly provides leads for your law firm, your legal services company is not utilizing the internet as efficiently as possible. Law Promo prides itself on its success redesigning existing lawyer websites so that they express the law firm most effectively and dramatically increasing productivity, using cutting edge search engine optimization techniques, the latest Web 2.0 gadgets, flash animation, legal videos, and other features to enhance your website. 
We provide these additional features to website redesigns contacts:

Information architecture: organizes your law firms information efficiently

Search engine optimization: raising your attorney web site on search engines

Content management system: translate information for the technology unadept

Analytics tools: measure site traffic to ensure results

Hosting and maintenance: secure and reliable hosting with speedy content updates for your webpage

Full editorial services: copywriting, multimedia editing

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