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Driving under the influence is a serious criminal offense in Orlando. A DUI conviction can lead to an arrest and a suspended license which will ultimately impact you and your family. In order to fight a DUI charge, you need an experienced Orlando DUI Attorney by your side. In a DUI case, time is of the essence to save your license from suspension.

You have two options:

1) Challenge the Suspension: In order to challenge the suspension, you have ten days to go to the DMV and file the necessary paperwork which will extend your temporary permit.

2) Waive the formal review hearing: To avoid any hard suspension time, you can enroll in DUI school within ten days and file the necessary paperwork to the DMV

DUI charges will impact your life in one way or another and you need an experienced Orlando DUI Defense attorney to evaluate your case and look into issues that will help your case. Human errors can get in the way of testing and mistakes can be made. With a DUI defense attorney by your side, they’ll be able to ensure no mistakes were made and that cops followed the rules throughout the investigation.

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Orlando DUI defense attorney Jerry jenkins has the experience you need. Jerry is an experienced DUI Trial lawyer who can and will carefully evaluate your case for any weaknesses. He has extensive training and experience that will enable him to know what prosecutors will be looking for when prosecuting your case.

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