Oregon Criminal Defense Attorneys Website Design

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Every now and then, Law Promo gets requests from current clients to create a new attorney website design to keep up with competition or just get with the times. Our newest project comes from one of our current clients.

Our client comes from Oregon with a specialty focus on Criminal Defense. They contacted us because they felt their current law firm website design was outdated and in need of a redesign. We agreed and after telling them the different options available to their law firm, they decided to go with the responsive redesign package. The responsive attorney web design appealed to them because of the benefits and staying power a responsive design had over an original redesign. Responsive websites are the future and they liked the idea of the website conforming to optimize the visitor’s viewing experience.

Since our client didn’t want to keep anything from their previous website, our team implemented radical changes. The first thing you’ll notice in this particular law firm web design is the graphic background featuring the city in which our client practices law. The top banner of the website displays a full-width banner featuring our client’s law firm name, social media icons, and contact information. The main menu is right below the banner and stands out with a blue highlight and white font.

The center of the website features a photo of our client, along with their call to action and practice areas to the right of their photo. The main body of content is broken up into several different parts. The top features buttons displaying their practice areas along with a photo to compliment. Beneath these buttons is a brief introduction to the firm. The bottom section is broken up into three scrolling columns: Client testimonials, prior case results, and recent news. These columns will be up to date upon launch.

Our goal for this lawyer website design was to create a design taht would last our client a long while. Since it is responsive, this website will be covered on all fronts. Changes are still expected to be made with this responsive lawyer web design. If you’re interested in a law firm website design for your firm, we invite you to contact us today.