Online Solutions for the Legal Industry

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Is your firm ready to take the leap into the digital world?  Here at Law Promo, we know that buying a customized, clean law firm website will be one of the smartest marketing decisions your firm will make.  Potential customers are flocking to the internet as their primary resource to find new services, so marketing your legal prowess online will create a connection with these clients and boost inquiries from those with legal issues.

A professional, hand built site offers potential clients a portal in which they can understand what your firm is all about.  The interactivity of websites allows them to provide a more complete image of your business than any other type of marketing materials.  We know that a professional look builds much needed credibility, so we make sure to create a clean presentation with user friendly navigation.  Also, we are unique in that we allow for you to have complete ownership of your website, so whether you would like us to do the maintenance or have an outside entity do it, you have that freedom to take your lawyer website wherever you’d like.  The content management system that the websites are built on make it fairly easy for a third party to perform seamless edits and maintenance.

Please contact our Law Firm Website Specialists with questions regarding your inquiry. Our team is available Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM pacific time via phone at Toll-free 1-866-886-0548 or 213-341-1673.