Ohio Business Litigation Law Firm Website Design

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Ker web design

Today, we are proud to present the law firm website mockup for an Ohio litigation attorney.

This website is loaded with modern features, most notably the use of high resolution images.  The image slider has very visually interesting photos that are used to symbolize traits of our client and give the viewer some subliminal insight as to what this attorney represents.  There are buttons on each of these slides linking to different pages, and these images will serve as a good motivation to click on those buttons and find out more about our client.

Additionally, the background image of an ornate building takes up the entire height and width of the browser, but it does not interfere with any legibility of the content.  This type of image adds a lot of sophistication to a website, which in turn makes the attorney appear very professional and successful.  This touch of modernity will be enough to build trust in potential clients, creating higher demand for the services that our client offers.  At the end of the day, features like these will give our client a successful web presence and increase his profits.

We are looking forward to the launch of this attorney website, and while you wait for the release, please check out our portfolio of law firm websites.