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About the firm: Our firm serves the beverage alcohol industry and those doing business with beverage alcohol brands. We represent manufacturers, distributors and retailers as well as marketing and promotional agencies and technology companies doing business with beverage alcohol brands. Because of our extensive experience with the beverage industry, we have unbeatable expertise that puts our clients ahead of the curve.

Malkin Law Firm


Advertising and Marketing Review
Trade Practice Analysis
Alcohol Beverage Law Training
Regulatory Issues & Investigations
Agency/Sponsorship Agreements
Non-Disclosure Agreements
Event Compliance
Social Media Analysis/Review
Sweepstakes/Contests Review
Internal investigations
Policy development
First Amendment Risk Analysis
Brand protection
Content delivery/new media
General Corporate

Unlike a lot of our law firm websites that are designed with business people or individuals in mind, this website is really aimed at those in the food and lifestyle businesses. For that reason, we wanted a warm, cultured feel to this website to put the law firm’s potential clients at ease. The website is easy to navigate and the images immediately explain the specialty of the law firm, facilitating business with the industry. Click the link to view our Law Firm Website Portfolio – Attorney Web Designs.