New York Estate Planning Blog Design

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We interrupt this attorney website design post to bring you a post regarding our Estate Planning Blog Design for the Greenwald Weiss, LLC.

Whether you’re a solo practitioner who just got their first professional lawyer web design or whether you’re part of a large firm with an established online presence, there’s no way you can go wrong with an integrated blog design. Blogging is the future! Blogging allows you to stand out from the rest of the competition. The content presented on law firm websites are easily duplicated or reworded, but content written for blog posts are often unique and irreplicable because everyone has a different voice and style.

Here at Law Promo, we offer different blog packages to complement our law firm website designs. We cater to your needs and we’re flexible when it comes to different packages. Our prices are fair and when compared to other attorney website design companies, we offer the best bang for your buck! Just take it from our client whose blog is featured above.

The Greenwald Weiss, LLC came to us seeking to create a lawyer website design for their firm. They also wanted a blog in order to engage with their audience. After speaking with our sales rep, we came up with a package catered to their needs: a law firm website design along with an integrated blog design complete with hosting and maintenance. We created their blog to complement their website. The blog features a green background similar to the landing page of their attorney website. The top of the blog holds a banner with their logo, firm name, and blog title. A calendar sits to the right of the content and recent posts are linked to the top right corner underneath the search bar.

The Greenwald Weiss, LLC is dedicated to helping their clients protect their assets and navigate old age and end of life issues. Their practice primarily focuses on Probate, Administration, and Estate Planning. Their blog was founded on the topic of Estate Planning, in which they hope to inform their clients and audience of Estate Planning practices and laws. If you’re interested in learning more about their blog, we invite you to visit their Estate Planning Blog.