New York Criminal Defense Law Attorneys Website Design

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Law Promo are finishing up on a responsive web-design for New York Criminal Defense Attorney. This responsive website design is immaculate, if we may say so ourselves.

A website is not only important for the basis of being found, but also portrays your company’s statement visually. If you’re website isn’t pleasing to the eyes, you’ve lost half the battle. Upon seeing the home page, a viewer becomes quickly engaged to learn more about what content the site has to offer. After all, the design and content of your website is the face of your business online. It is sleek and organized, and offers many variety of ways the viewer can explore within the website.

When you first enter the page, you have everything outlined for you that is of importance when looking for information to contact the law office of the site you are looking at. The picture slideshow adds a nice dimension to the web site intriguing viewers. People keep their eye on movement. Their slogan is strong and really drives the viewer to trust the content they are looking for eventually leading to trust on the law office.

However those who are still questioning the authority and experiences of the attorneys at the law office have the option to explore their timeline by simply clicking on “See Our Accomplishments”. This will jump to the section of the page where there is a timeline of all their wins.

Of course a little more scrolling will lead to: practice areas, contact information and inquiry form. This layout is easy to maneuver around, but also gives the viewer freedom to walk through the website in various ways.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t wait to get our designers to build a web-design just for your firm. We want to help rebuild the face of your firm by reshaping and updating your website that’s better than your competitors. Let’s us start building you a website that will help flourish your business