New York Criminal Defense Attorneys Website Design

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New York attorneys website design

Our latest attorney web design mockup is for our New York Criminal Defense Client. In a city as competitive as New York, our client wanted an attorney website design that would stand against the crowd. Typically, most attorney web design companies and most criminal defense lawyers like dark subdued colors: blue, black, navy, and gray. They feature photos of sirens, handcuffs, and the scales of justice. Our client didn’t want a cliche and so our design team took his request for something different and created the mockup above.

Our team stuck with more subdued colors for this attorney website design, but instead of the default black and blue, we opted to make use of the contrasting colors of crimson and light beige. Our team added a still image featuring a high resolution photo of scholarly tomes rather than sirens and handcuffs. We also made a list of buttons featuring sub-categories under our client’s practice areas coupled with photos depicting each area.

The attorney web design provides a full-width experience. The main content is divided into three sections: a list of practice areas to the left, the main home page content in the middle, and a contact form to the right. The page is designed to allow instantaneous access to information for our clients, like a library of sorts. The key word to this design is subtlety, which we feel we’ve accomplished through the imagery presented.

This is only the mockup phase, so we’re currently awaiting feedback. If you’re interested in a law firm web design for your firm, contact Law Promo today.